It sure looks like the worst is behind us but really, there is no way to guarantee that.  If turbulent times like these make you nervous and you are just not ready to make an investment yet, here are a few options to consider:

· Park your RRSP: You could the “park” the funds in a no risk money market fund.  This way you will have the tax savings on your 2008 tax return and can decide to invest the funds later when you feel more confident.

· Dollar cost average your purchase: You could make a contribution to a money market fund and elect to have the purchase of the investment made over several weeks or months effectively spreading your risk.

· Invest in a principal guaranteed product:  We have several options for you this year.  You could select a Segregated fund account or Linked Note where your principal is guaranteed typically over 5 or 10 years.  If the market goes up, you get the upside and if the markets go down, you don’t have any of the risks.  Some products will even guarantee 5% income annually. 

· Save in a GICs: we do the market weekly survey to get you the best available rate.

What is important is to make that contribution on time , by March 2nd 2009, to get your tax deduction.  The investment can be made now or later in any product that fits your needs and wishes.  Just call us to discuss each option further.