We have been working hard to find a Socially Responsible Investment manager that we feel comfortable to recommend.  Inhance Mutual funds is one of our favourite. We like their ESG process, management style and feel confident in their investment process. 

We are please to report that one of their Canadian Balanced fund, the Inhance Monthly Income Fund, has been name one of the two top SRI mutual funds in Canada this week.  The nomination came from the Corporate Knights magazine’s seventh annual survey of the country’s SRI universe.

Corporate Knights crunched the numbers on 64 Canadian SRI funds, using a combination of social and performance scores as well as one-to-five “shield” scores, based on the following: Performance: 40%; Integration: 17%; Engagement: 15% Portfolio Turnover Rate: 10%; and Systemic: 8%.

Vancity and Inhance had the top two balanced funds, but also generated the highest scores overall as a result of their stronger performance numbers.

By investing in companies like Inhance you can contribute to a better world.  They file corporate resolution to make corporations change the way they do business.  Take a look at these two concrete example. Feel great to know that we, through our investments, can contribute to change.

Green is in

Inhance tackles climate change