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Terry and I are on our way to two restful weeks vacation at the cottage.  We could not feel better to go now after such a year of stressfull market news . The consensus is clear.  The recession is ending at last.  This is music to my ears and I feel like having a party… Read More

Elements of buying a property are somewhat akin to taking a stroll through the less prosperous part of town. You suddenly find yourself surrounded by people whom you have never seen before, all with their hands out looking for money. You quickly develop writer’s cramp from having to write so many cheques. Anybody who has… Read More

After filing your 2008 income tax return Canada Revenue Agency sends you a Notice of Assessment.  The Notice of Assessment is essentially a summary of the amounts entered on your tax return. Keep your Notice in a safe place and be sure to bring a us a copy next spring with your other income tax… Read More