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We are pleased to announce that Anthony Sabti has joined our team.  Anthony is our new Investment Analyst and Licensed Assistant.  He holds a Business Administration Degree and comes to us from the Royal Bank.  He will be responsible for analysing, monitoring and the evaluation of our investment line up as well as helping us… Read More

Ben Bernanke keeps his job

August 25, 2009
Odette Morin

Ben Bernanke wins vote of confidence from President Obama, who says the U.S. needs the Fed chief to continue his work.  The President went on to comment Bernanke’s courage and calm when faced with a near-collapse of the financial system.  Bernanke is widely credited for his handling of the crisis and economists largely expressed relief… Read More

It’s time to be optimistic.  Here is a collection of articles that describe the current positive signs of much better times to come.  Read on and remember Warren Buffet’s best quote:  “I’m an optimist because I have never met a rich pessimist”. – For Stocks, the Signs Point Up the cover story in Barron’s… Read More

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) officially announced this morning that the Global recession is over and a recovery has begun.  They quickly added “but leaves in its wake “deep scars” whose impact will last “many years.” Nonetheless, the mere fact that we can move on from here is good news. Here is the full story…. Read More