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Odette Morin

Meet Anthony! Our new Investment Analyst

We are pleased to announce that Anthony Sabti has joined our team.  Anthony is our new Investment Analyst and Licensed Assistant.  He holds a Business Administration Degree and comes to us from the Royal Bank.  He will be responsible for analysing, monitoring and the evaluation of our investment line up as well as helping us review your investment mix annually.  Anthony will soon be ready to answer your questions.  You may contact him directly anytime you have questions about your portfolio.


Odette Morin

Looking for something fun to do? Try our client Thierry’s new Bistro on Bowen Island

This has nothing to do with investments or financial planning.  We just wanted to write about our client Thierry Mohrbach’s new bistro on Bowen Island.  Terry and I visited Artisan Eats last month and were in awe of the view, the food and the bistro itself. We enjoyed a great lunch on the patio and came back home with breads, terrines and other gourmet made-on-site goodies.

Globe & Mail, Food critic, Alexandra Gill, shares our views and wrote an article yesterday about it.  We felt compelled to share it with you.  Take the water taxi or the ferry soon and visit Artisan Eats.  It is a fun thing to do and well worth the trip!

Globe & Mail article about Artisan Eats on Bowen Island

Odette Morin

Ben Bernanke keeps his job

Ben Bernanke wins vote of confidence from President Obama, who says the U.S. needs the Fed chief to continue his work.  The President went on to comment Bernanke’s courage and calm when faced with a near-collapse of the financial system. 


Bernanke is widely credited for his handling of the crisis and economists largely expressed relief but little surprise over the reappointment.

Bernanke has been victim of harsh criticism from Congress over the Fed’s role in the bailout of the banking system, and economists have criticized the Fed chief for failing to recognize other economic danger signs.

But most Economists and the Investment Community praised Bernanke, a leading scholar on the Great Depression, for acting quickly and aggressively once the financial crisis broke.

Led by Bernanke, the Fed has pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into the financial system and cut U.S. interest rate to near zero at the start of the crisis.

We view this reappointment as very positive and conducive to stability.

Odette Morin

Need some positive market news?  There is plenty.

It’s time to be optimistic.  Here is a collection of articles that describe the current positive signs of much better times to come.  Read on and remember Warren Buffet’s best quote:  “I’m an optimist because I have never met a rich pessimist”. – For Stocks, the Signs Point Up

the cover story in Barron’s outlines how the highest quality stocks have lagged in the recent run up – but are positioned to outperform going forward. – Quality counts

A story in last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal highlighted the first upturn in manufacturing in nine months – with no signs of accompanying inflation pressures.

Wall Street Jornal – Industrial Output Climbs, While Price Stay Steady

An article in last week’s New York Times reported on a positive outlook from the Federal Reserve Board.

New York Times – Fed views Recession as Near an End

And on last Friday the New York Times also reported on positive indications for global trade.

Globe & Mail – How long can the rally really last?

Wall Street Journal: Stock Dividends make a difference

August 12, 2009 As the stock market continues to recover, more investors are easing back into the market. While stocks have had a good run, they remain well off their record levels reached in 2007.

Odette Morin
Odette Morin

Did the market rally of the past few weeks get ahead of itself?

Shanghai is down 5.8% this morning.  After almost doubling since the beginning of the year and the Chinese Shanghai Composite Index has now declined by 12.2% since its peak of August 4.  Technically, it looks if more downside is in store for the Shanghai Composite Index and it would not come as a surprise if lower Chinese equities serve as the catalyst for a well-deserved pullback in global stock markets. Some think that we are seeing no more than the first reversion to the mean within this bull market. After such a rally, it is normal and healthy to see some pull back.


I will be watching closely but for now, it feels like we going through a normal short-term correction. China should have world-leading increases in corporate profits next year.  So, for now, we are not the least bit concerned.  Stay tuned!