It’s time to be optimistic.  Here is a collection of articles that describe the current positive signs of much better times to come.  Read on and remember Warren Buffet’s best quote:  “I’m an optimist because I have never met a rich pessimist”. – For Stocks, the Signs Point Up

the cover story in Barron’s outlines how the highest quality stocks have lagged in the recent run up – but are positioned to outperform going forward. – Quality counts

A story in last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal highlighted the first upturn in manufacturing in nine months – with no signs of accompanying inflation pressures.

Wall Street Jornal – Industrial Output Climbs, While Price Stay Steady

An article in last week’s New York Times reported on a positive outlook from the Federal Reserve Board.

New York Times – Fed views Recession as Near an End

And on last Friday the New York Times also reported on positive indications for global trade.

Globe & Mail – How long can the rally really last?

Wall Street Journal: Stock Dividends make a difference

August 12, 2009 As the stock market continues to recover, more investors are easing back into the market. While stocks have had a good run, they remain well off their record levels reached in 2007.