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When researching funds, an important factor to consider is the track record of the manager currently in charge.  Most fund summaries will include the fund’s return since the current manager started.  Looking at this return can be more telling than the fund’s long-term return. Many funds change portfolio managers over the years.  We usually have… Read More

Did you know that in Canada alone, there are approximately 8000 mutual funds to choose from?  No firm or individual can work efficiently with that number of funds, and at You First / FundEX Invesments we ideally only utilize one percent of them.  Our job is to research, analyze and hand pick the funds that… Read More

From February 12 to 28, 2010 Vancouver will be buzzing with people and excitement as our city welcomes the World for the 2010 Winter Olympics.  We are proud and enthusiastic about this event.  It sure will be a fun time to share our beautiful city and celebrate with athletes and visitors from around the Globe…. Read More

Another ponzi scheme

September 17, 2009
Financial Planning
Odette Morin

Earl Jones, Bernard Madoff and now, two Alberta-based investment advisors, Milowe Brost and Gary Sorenson, also up to no good. The two men allegedly perpetrated a Ponzi scheme in excess of $100 million which could very well be the largest scheme in Canadian history. According to the RCMP, Brost and Sorenson created a business, Syndicated… Read More

Latest U.S. Economic News:

September 15, 2009
Anthony Sabti

Despite economic recovery seeming bleaker in the United States than many other parts of the world, there is still reason for optimism.  U.S. federal reserve chairman Ben Bernanke announced today that the recession is very likely to be over.  Last week, U.S. stock prices had a great week as they rallied for 5 straight days. … Read More