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Beware of Fraud!  Protect Yourself !

October 29, 2009
Terry Broaders

“If they only worked as hard at legitimate, honest work just think how well they would do!” Yes, we must be talking about fraud artists, also known as hucksters, tricksters, swindlers, conmen, confidence men, charlatans, cheats, connivers, deceivers, scammers, fraudsters, sleeveens and flimflammers.  Their terms of “endearment” are surpassed only by their variety of techniques… Read More

TFSA loophole closed

October 27, 2009
Odette Morin

If there is a way to scam the system, someone out there will find it.  I am just amazed at how fast and ingenious some people can be.  Unfortunately, taking advantage of the system usually ends up spoilling it for most of us honest people out there. This time the “scam” is about taking advantage… Read More

Interest rates are definitely trending up. Each of Canada’s 5 big banks announced a series of rate hikes last week. While there were some differences in the details of changes made by the banks to their mortgage rates, the announced hikes put all their five-year fixed closed rates at about 5.84 per cent. That seems… Read More

Mutual Fund Sales Recovering

October 20, 2009
Anthony Sabti

Money that has been sitting on the sidelines is returning to long-term mutual funds.  Last month net sales of long-term mutual funds increased by 3.6% and since their low point in February have increased 29%.  Overall sales were still negative, mostly attributable to low-risk money market fund redemptions.  The majority of long-term sales are in… Read More

Are equities worth the risk?

October 13, 2009
Financial Planning
Anthony Sabti

While equity markets have experience a strong climb since the March 2009 lows, investors are reevaluating the level of risk they want to carry in their portfolio.  Over the past 10 years the return on equities has been minimal, even negative in several asset classes.  Someone who had invested in long-term bonds ten years ago… Read More