I thought I would update our Markets rise from the bottom figures.  The numbers are mind boggling.  If you did not sell at the bottom and follow the course like we encouraged you to, you should congratulate yourself.  If you sold, you should cry.  If you made an investment last fall, February or March this year, you are a big winner!

Market data as of Dec 14, 2009

TSX Canada from 7566 to 11545 +52.59%

low point was March 9/09

Dow Jones USA from 6547 to 10501 +60.39%

low point wasMarch 9/09

S&P 500 USA from 676 to 1114 +64.79%

low point was March 9/09

Hang Seng Hong Kong from 11015 to 22085 +100.50%

low point wasOct. 27/08

FTSE from 3512 to 5315 +51.34%

London low point was March 3/09

DAX Germany from 3666 to 5802 +58.27%

low point was March 6/09

data source advisor.ca