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We don’t know if it is true or not but we have heard that sometimes people do not always open all the investment statements that they receive in the mail.  Naw, that can’t be true!  We respectfully remind you that at this time of year it is more important than ever to check your mail… Read More

RRSP loan rates are the most inexpensive I have seen in years.  Our best rate is 2.75% for a one year loan.  Even 3, 5 and 10 years loans are low.  Does it make sense to borrow to make an RRSP?  Well it depends on your personal circumstances. Generally speaking if the rate of return… Read More

Find out how much of your charity dollars goes to administration click to read Canadians largely unaware of market rally click to read Reading “The BRIC countries are Rich, But Poor” click to read Reading “Jeff Rubin: Riding Hard and Fast on Energy” click to read Are you a moving target?: How to avoid falling… Read More

TFSA Strategies

January 15, 2010
Financial Planning
Anthony Sabti

We’ve reached the 1st anniversary of the Tax-Free Savings Account and this means another $5,000 in eligible contributions (bringing the total to $10,000).  We’ve talked about TFSA strategies before, but there are so many key money-saving tips associated with this account, that they are definately worth mentioning again. Below are two articles you must read… Read More

Home Renevation Tax Credit

January 15, 2010
Terry Broaders

Ok, so what’s this Federal Government Home Renovation Tax Credit all about anyway? Let’s begin by reviewing what is NOT eligible!  New appliances such as big screen TV’s, refrigerators, furniture, throw rugs, appliances, electronics, stereos and tools such as electric saws, drills et cetera are NOT eligible.  Also, routine maintenance repairs such as small paint… Read More