A new Investors Group survey of 500 Canadian boomers—aged 43 to 63—finds a large proportion are either supporting their children, their parents or even both!  More than 40% of those respondents said that they expect the support will erode their ability to save for retirement.

Two-in-ten boomer parents have a child aged 19 or over living at home. More than half of these (58%) say their adult child makes no financial contribution to the household.

The boomers in the most difficult financial situation are those providing financial support to both parents and children simultaneously. One in 10 boomers are currently in this group.

The individual surveyed were asked the question what kind of impact supporting both their parents and children was having. Four out of 10 say they are reducing the amount they expect to save in retirement, and one quarter of respondents say they have adopted a less comfortable lifestyle or had to actually take on more debt.

Helping boomer clients efficiently support family members is an area we can add value. We can crunch the number, evaluate the impact and help you make appropriate planning decision.  The worst would be to delay the planning.  It is best to incorporate the situation into the plan.