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From a March 20th Globe and Mail articled titled “Small-Cap Funds Soar in Early Stages of Recovery”, which highlights the one year return of some well known Canadian small-cap mutual funds.  Small-Cap mutual funds, which focus on buying shares of smaller companies, have historically outperformed in the first year of a market recovery, and last… Read More

Constructing your Portfolio

March 23, 2010
Financial Planning
Anthony Sabti

From an Article titled “Lifeplan: Upgrade your Portfolio”.  From the SmartMoney website, part of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network.  This article goes over some of the fundamentals and latest trends related to portfolio construction, asset allocation, and fixed-income.  Summary:  -Although stocks and bonds remain the pillars of any portfolio, some investors look to add… Read More

From an article titled “Phillips Hager Tortoise Outpaces Hares” written by Rudy Luuko of Morningstar.  Lots of clients love to point to one-year performance figures as a reason to buy or sell a particular fund.  As this article explains, these figures can be very unrepresentative of long-term performance.  It is very unlikely for a fund… Read More