These are the thoughts expressed by fund manager David Fingold in a Financial Post article last week.  Fingold manages the Dynamic Global Discovery Fund, a value-style global fund with 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year returns all in the top quartile amongst its peers (article contains detailed return figures).

David currently has no direct exposure to China.  In the short-term, he is concerned over Chinese exports to Europe since the Euro has recently dropped against the Chinese Renminbi.  22% of Chinese exports go to Europe.  However, he does points out that that the CPI in China has fallen recently.  Lower inflation would put the Chinese government in a position to stimulate the economy down the road. 

In the long-term, he believes that many people will be surprised by where the growth is.  He points to the stronger demographics in the U.S compared to China as a good reason to stay invested in the U.S.

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