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Tuning in the good news Today, many Canadians are pessimistic about global economies. These feelings may be driven by headlines about slow economic growth, depressed housing prices, high unemployment and deficit problems in the U.S. and Europe. This pessimism is amplified by the intense media coverage given to voices of gloom such as economic commentators… Read More

Tax Treatment of Dividends

September 29, 2010
Financial Planning
Anthony Sabti

Morningstar article: How dividends can stretch your after-tax dollars This is an informative article by Morningstar on the beneficial tax treatments of dividend income.  The dividend tax credit will be decreasing slightly over the next couple years.  The actual rate at which dividend income is taxed changes by province and income level.  It’s interesting to… Read More

Have you ever scanned through a mutual fund list and seen the same fund offered as both “ABC Canadian Equity Fund” and “ABC Canadian Equity Fund Corporate Class”?  These two funds have the same holdings, but the corporate class version is structured to be more “tax-efficient”.  Why the need for tax-efficiency? Unlike RRSP accounts, investors… Read More

What is a Depression Anyway?

September 13, 2010
Odette Morin

The comments below come courtesy of Dave Rosenberg, Chief Economist and Strategist obtained from “A depression is a very long recession. Like the one that lasted from Q4 1929 to Q1 1933 that contained no fewer than six positive GDP quarters and even a 50% rally in the equity market in 1930! “You know… Read More