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  August 26 2011 ” No Country or Person Can Spend More Than They Have” -Raul Castro Federal Reserve Will Decide Next Month on New Policy Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday put off a lengthy discussion of the easing options available to the central bank until the next Federal Open Market Committee meeting… Read More

“The Only Zen You Find on the Mountaintop is the Zen You Bring With You.” – Robert Pirsig Bank of Canada Governor has Faith in Global Economy The global economic upheaval is slowing growth in Canada, but Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney doesn’t believe the country faces the prospect of the U.S. falling into… Read More

Weekly Update August 12 2011

August 12, 2011
Terry Broaders

“The Art of Living is More Like Wrestling Than Dancing” – Marcus Aurelius Another Topsy Turvy Week We had some wild market gyrations this week. Despite some rough days and with the aid of some extraordinary days the markets finished the week very close to last week with the Dow Jones down just -1.54% and… Read More

North American Markets closed up more than 400 points today or close to 4% after the Federal Reserve Board announced a firm commitment to keep interest rates low until mid-2013.  This is a big relief following a wild day and large drops yesterday and last week.  This week’s descent is triggered by the Standard & Poors downgrade… Read More