Getting married will be one of the most exciting and satisfying changes in your life. Proceeding through life as a couple will provide companionship and possibly the satisfaction of creating a family. However, there are some practical issues that need to be addressed for both of you during this transition. We can certainly assist you in dealing with these issues in an efficient and timely fashion. Some of the questions we can answer are:

  • What are the differences between being married and living together?
  • What is a prenuptial agreement and do you need one?
  • How should you own your property and savings and investments as a couple?
  • What are the implications of changing your name?
  • How will being married affect your group insurance coverage?
  • Do you need to reconsider your individual insurance coverage?
  • What will your combined financial plan look like?
  • How will your marriage affect your investment plans?
  • Do you need to file your tax return together and will it impact your tax situation?

I will be answering these questions in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!