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 Forgot to include a tax slip? Thinking that CRA will pick it up and reassess? No big deal right? Think again. You will be shocked to know that a retired tax payer was recently imposed a $3600 penalty  by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for failing to include an investment income Tslip.   This penalty was on top of the interest and… Read More

Use any cash you receive wisely is the golden rule. If you are lucky enough to get a tax refund from the government, before you spend any money you receive, remember that it is no gift or free money.  It is your hard earned money come back to you.  So use it wisely. Here are a few strategies… Read More

Retirement Cash flow planning has a lot of moving parts and is highly personal. I prepare indebt cash flow planning for all our retired clients to ensure that money will last their lifetime.   My analysis calculate precisely, the maximum income they can derive from their retirement savings, government and private pensions.  We monitor on an annual… Read More