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Plan to spend about $10k the first year. The total cost of raising a child is about $235K or the equivalent of the cost of a Ferrari!  Oh My!  Se the link below.  Don’t let this stop you from having a precious child!!  It is not all about money but be prepared.  They do cost a lot and… Read More

Money Tips for Travellers

June 27, 2012
Financial Planning
Odette Morin

These are good tips except the bring traveller cheques. This is no longer the case for most trip I would argue. They are very hard to exchange, many places will charge a fee on top and it is so much easier to u…se bank machines which are everywhere. Enjoy your trip this summer! Article here

Buying a new car is most time a very frustrating experience. It’s a big game the dealership is playing. Believe me, car prices are indeed negotiable. Here are a few good tips including do your homework, research online and be ready to negotiate. Click for the link to the ful article here

Weekly Update – June 22, 2012

June 26, 2012
Weekly Update
Anthony Sabti

Euro Leaders Agree on Growth Plan On Friday, the leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Spain vowed measures worth up to 130 billion euros to try to revive economic growth in Europe but differed over whether and how to launch joint bonds to combat the euro zone’s debt crisis. The measures include a capital injection… Read More

After much speculation, the new mortgage rules were introduced today. The maximum amortization has been reduced from 30 years back to 25 years and maximum loan reduced from 85% to 80%. Regarding the amortization period, it is interesting to see that we went from 25 years a few years ago to 40 years, back down to 35,… Read More