Here is the transcript from the interview of Stephen Harper with Peter Mansbridge from the CBC on June 5, this week. Nice to hear the Prime Minister’s common sense regarding investments.MANSBRIDGE: Last point on this and it brings it down the level of those at home. I know you don’t like, at least any more, talking about what people should …do in the markets, or even suggesting what they might consider. But you know as well as I do that a lot of people out there are taking a beating with their RRSP’s, which is a major concern, over these last six months. What should they do? Because every day brings these kinds  of stories and discussion about how bad things could get and contingency plans and plan B and this and that and it all seems to have an impact on things as simple as Joe Blow’s RRSP.

HARPER: Well Peter, I’ll give the same advice I gave before. Which maybe I didn’t express well at the time, but which is always to take the longer view. As Prime Minister I am not allowed to invest speculatively and so I don’t. But to the extent I advise people, as we do with the government, think about what you need to do in the long-term to grow your portfolio. Be in markets and places where the business is good, where the long term prospects are solid, and focus on that. Things will go up and down in short term, they always do. It’s been more spectacular over the last five years than in 80 years, but nevertheless those things come and go, there will always be solid businesses and solid markets will always experience growth over time. Have a mid- to long-term game plan and stick with it.