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People should never transfer title without consulting with a financial planner or a tax accountant. The lawyers will often just follow the client’s request without pointing out the tax implications. This article tells the story of a couple who switched title of the family home to their children. This transaction had the result of forfeiting the principal residence… Read More

Could wealthier mean healthier too?  A new poll from the Canadian Medical Association show the correlation.  Those with more income and assets also have healthier eating and lifestyle habits and therefore, are in better health.  That is another good reason to aspire to be financially responsible and accumulate reasonable wealth.  Don’t forget to share your… Read More

Saving for the rainy days

August 15, 2012
Financial Planning
Odette Morin

 45% of Canadians have no emergency savings. Saving for rainy days is essential because you know, they will come. Open a high interest savings account and set up a $100 or more systematic plan to accumulate funds you know too well, you will need. Manulife Bank has the best rates right now at 1.75% and… Read More

 It appears that ING Bank will sell its Canadian Banking operations altogether.  Reports are saying that a deal could be made by fall with one of the big banks.   ING Bank of Canada stopped their advisor services program last year, which is when we recommended a switch to Manulife Bank so we could continue to provide administrative support… Read More