A recent RBC poll showed that 61 per cent of men said that they were good investors, but only 47 per cent of women thought similarly of themselves. However, academic researchers in a recent study found a general underperformance of more than 1% a year on investment accounts of men versus women. In this article, Preet Barnerjee explains that “one theory to explain the gender-based differences is that overconfidence leads to increased trading, which can lead to underperformance.” 

In my experience, women are in general better investors because they tend to invest with a goal in mind which helps them be more focused & patient with their investments and react less with the market fluctuations.  Many people seem like they know a lot about investing but in fact, overconfidence too often lead to making costly mistakes.

To put that into context, a 1-per-cent annualized difference in returns for investors contributing $250 a month for 40 years can translate into more than $100,000.

 Way to go women! Men, hedge your bets and team up with a woman!!