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Smart Holiday spending

December 18, 2012
Financial Planning
Odette Morin

This year avoid the Holiday Spending headaches. Be smart, make a list with a budget for each person you plan on buying something for and start early. Last minute shopping will lead you to spend too much. And do remember that people love YOU not what you give them. Be generous within your means, Spend… Read More

The new limit for 2013 contribution has been increased to $5500.  Whether you use the Tax-Free Savings account (TFSA) for short-term savings or for your long-term investments, it will be good news to you to be able to shelter another $500 from the tax man. Overtime, it can save you significant taxes especially if you… Read More

It’s the end of the year and time to trigger investment losses if you have any. A capital loss can be a very thing for tax. The losses can be deducted from past gains in the preceding 3 tax years or indefinitely in the future. This is as good as cash. Don’t be afraid of… Read More

Weekly Update

December 15, 2012
Financial Planning, Weekly Update
Terry Broaders

“I Don’t Like Nostalgia Unless It’s Mine” -Lou Reed   Toronto Up – China On The Move The Toronto stock market closed higher as mining stocks benefited from the release of encouraging Chinese economic data. Elsewhere, the market stalled amid concerns about whether the U.S. can avoid a fiscal crisis at the end of the… Read More