family travelIt’s spring break time and many will soon be hitting the slopes or going south to the sunshine! Only 41% regularly buy travel insurance, finds a BMO study. Further, 40% have travelled with someone who required medical assistance.
Medical emergency can be VERY costly. The U.S. Government’s Agency for Healthcare Research, says that the average cost per hospital stay in for adults aged 45 to 84 was over $12,000 in 2010.  I have seen group insurance claims myself running in the hundreads of thousand dollars. 

Don’t cross the border without Medical Travel Insurance. Some will be covered through their Group Employee Benefit plan.  Don’t assume.  Read the booklet BEFORE crossing the border. Here’s what to consider when selecting a travel insurance policy.

1. Get enough coverage: Basic travel insurance will cover things like lost luggage, trip cancellation and missed connections, but may not include medical coverage. Look for a policy that includes medical coverage, air ambulance, private duty nurse expenses, trip interruption and airfare/lodging for a family member to be by your side.

2. Make it cost-effective: “Pay-as-you-go” medical travel insurance can be purchased before each trip. However, those who are out-of-province or out of Canada more than once during a 12-month period should consider a policy with an annual premium.

3. Understand who pays: Some insurers pay the doctor directly while others require the traveler to pay up front and then get reimbursed at a later date.

4. Read the fine print: Make sure your policy covers you for all your trip activities and is valid for the duration of the trip. Clarify any issues with the insurer before leaving home. Keep a copy of the policy for your records and the contact information of your insurance company.

Call us.  We do provide Travel insurance or if you are a client, we will be happy to review your group insurance booklet to make sure you are adequately covered!