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Wouldn’t be so easy to just get in and out when the news on the street says it is about time to do so.  If you go back a few weeks, and even a few months, you can see that the bearish sentiment was already on and yet, the markets have continued to rise.  Please do… Read More

Are you a money hoarder?

May 27, 2013
Financial Planning
Odette Morin

I am back from a week vacation with my wonderful family. My parents’ family house was just sold and we soon found out just how much of a hoarder my deceased father was. He kept everything…even paper groceries bags, all neatly piled and numbered! Here is an article about a money hoarder. Yes there is… Read More

I read a lot these days about how unaware, unprepared and even worried Canadians are about retirement. There is no need to be concerned. Knowledge is power. There is lots of professional help out there ready to shed some light on the future and help you effectively plan. Find a good financial planner (like us!)… Read More

Those who have planned well, saved a lot and invested for retirement and have a home will most likely have large estate to leave their children. Is it a good idea to live large sums to your children? Should you consider giving part to charity? This is such a personal question and highly depends on your personal views but… Read More

  Selling low:  don’t let the emotion in the way.  When the markets tank, remember that the psychological impulse is to react.  Be rational and stay the course with your sound investment plan. Buying high: buying only when things are going well is also a mistake.  The psychological reaction this time is euphoria and impulse to… Read More