As you know, I have a cottage in Point Roberts, Washington. Last week, the Border Guard asked me some different questions. Instead of asking where are you going and what are you bringing, he asked me “what do you do for a living?” I told him I am a Financial Planner. He then asked, tell me what should I do? What sir? I responded, “If you are a financial planner, tell me what are the 3 most important things I should be doing?”

I had to think fast, I responded the following:
1. Live within your means – he said “I can do that”
2. Make sure you save even if you have a pension because your pension might not be there in full as promised. – He did not like that one I could tell.
3. Invest to beat inflation. He said, ok you can go!

border guardHe looked like he was sorry he asked. Ha ha! I bet he will stick with the regular questions next time.
Make sure to remain polite with all border guards at all times and make sure to follow my 3 tips too!