Parents across Canada will spend $2,300 more than they had previously anticipated to keep their kids occupied this summer, says a new BMO study.Parents, please don’t give in to everything you kid asks for. True Love is free and creative play, too!!

If you come in for your annual meeting, you will sure have heard me talk about a vacation fund.  It is an easy way to build that fund you will need once or twice a year.  Get the kids to participate by saving a few pennies from their allowance to a dedicated vacation kitty. An empty milk glass bottle with a few pictures of your last vacation or the next destination, is a fun way to get them involved.  For the bigger dollars, they should direct that money to a High Interest Savings account.

The Manulife Bank online account currently pays among the highest at 1.55%.  You can transfer funds from your chequing account or set up a systematic saving plan. Contact us to set one up for you and your family and be on your way to your next vacation!

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