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Weekly Update September 30 2013

September 30, 2013
Weekly Update
Terry Broaders

“You Can Lead A Man To Congress But You Can’t Make Him Think” -Milton Berle   Markets Cautious Ahead of U.S. Congress Action The Toronto stock market closed flat on Friday, capping a session where traders opted for caution going into the weekend amid the possibility of a U.S. government shutdown early next week. The… Read More

“People Like Controversy Because That’s What Sells” – Miley Cyrus   TSX Slips Stocks were volatile Friday amid nervousness about possible military intervention in the Syrian civil war.  The S&P/TSX composite index slipped 24 points to 12,820. U.S. indexes were slightly lower  with the Dow Jones losing 15 points  after giving up early, solid gains… Read More

.Tax planning .Tax prep .Risk tolerance review .Risk capacity assessment, Life & Disability Insurance .Selecting and monitoring investments .Written retirement plan .Written retirement income plan .Financial plan .Estate Plan .Written cash flow plan .Debt management advice .Financial coaching .Consulting on major business decisions Go ahead and call us anytime for anything regarding money or your… Read More

Bill Gates started a LinkedIn page.  He posted this about Warren Buffet, which I thought I should share. “The first thing people learn from Warren, of course, is how to think about investing. That’s natural, given his amazing track record. Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of people stop, and they miss out on the fact… Read More