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“Credit worthiness is like virginity, it can be preserved but not restored very easily, so it is crazy to play around with it.” -Warren Buffett   Markets Are Positive The Toronto stock market closed sharply higher Friday, rising to its highest level in more than two years following strong economic data from China and solid… Read More

Believe it or not, the September monthly report of the Congressional Budget Office, the non-partisan government agency that provides independent analysis of the government’s accounts, showed that the federal deficit for the first 11 months of fiscal 2012-13 (October through August) was $753-billion (U.S.) – a massive $411-billion lower than at the same point a… Read More

The biggest worry I have for clients I see everyday is the amount of debt and the size of mortgage they carry.  We have benefited from extraordinary low interest rates for several years now and this is about to change. Interest rates are raised with improving economy as a measure to control inflation. If you carry a mortgage you… Read More

By Terry Broaders   Did you receive a T3 or T5 or other T-Slip after you filed your taxes for the year? Don’t just put it away. File that T-Slip with Canada Revenue today by filing a T1-Adjustment or you could face a big penalty.   If you forget to include an income T-Slip for 2012… Read More