Many Canadians feel they’ve lost control of their finances and are unable to break free from bad spending habits. In fact, 76% admit they spend too much money, and have a hard time stopping the frivolous spending, finds a November 12, 2013 study by Capital One Canada and Credit Canada Debt Solutions.  The top vices cited include going out for dinner (29%), buying cigarettes (26%), going out for lunch (25%), clothes shopping (24%) and buying lottery tickets (24%).

“Impulse purchases may seem harmless in small doses but they quickly add up and pull you into a debt spiral,” says Laurie Campbell, CEO of Credit Canada Debt Solutions.

Gain some control and deny yourself once in while. It feels empowering to be in control and only buy the things that really matter.  It gets easier with practice. 

 The very best tip I give people who have problems with shopping is to use cash for shopping and play money.  It is very difficult to part from cash.  Try it, you are sure to stay within your budget!!