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Terry and I were at a dinner recently and someone in business at our table was bragging about the meals and entertainment and car expenses he was fully deducting.  It was clear that not all of these should be deducted and of course the chances of him being caught are very slim as very few tax returns… Read More

Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen caught markets unaware last week when she said that the Fed could start increasing rates from near zero about six months after the end of its bond buying program. But analysts say markets are getting increasingly used to the idea of rates going up. “After the last Fed meeting, I… Read More

PayDay loans should never ever be used. They are  beyond unbelievably expensive and the worse way to borrow. In the US, and I am sure the statistics are close for Canada, about half of all payday loans are made to people who extend the loans so many times they end up paying more in fees… Read More

Most of you know our little pet, Amy Lou. She weighs 7 pounds and stands no more than a foot tall. Yet, despite her stature, she guards our workplace fiercely. After all, there’s just no office more important. I realized as she was barking at someone today that we’re similar – and no, not because… Read More

Canada and the U.S. are implementing new border rules.  Officials will now track every entry and exit. Starting June 30, Canada and the U.S. will scan travellers’ passports as they enter and exit the country. Before, the countries only scanned passports upon a traveller’s entry. If you are a snowbird or frequent border crosser who  is  used to estimating the number… Read More