We all know people who are not happy until they have more.  “I will be happy when I have this or that”,  we keep this hearing all of the time.  We even say it ourselves.  While there is no shame in hoping for more, too many of us simply have too high expectations of what life should bring us.

Do we fully realize what we already have?  A warm bed to sleep in, a roof over our head and more food than we should indulge in?   “1in 6 in the world goes to bed hungry. Our pets live more comfortably than half the earths population. Focus on what you have instead of obsessing about you don’t. We are spoiled. Look at the food we now have in supermarkets, cars we drive, phones we all carry, tv channels. The best antidote to envy is a dose of perspective.” ~ David Chilton

When meeting with people who do not save enough for retirement or emergency, too often I see people who rationalize that they need to buy this soon instead , or go on this trip instead or treat their kids with that thing instead.  There is nothing wrong with the shopping trip or the all-inclusive vacation or the snowboard for the kid but it can not be done in lieu of the other more important things in our life like not getting in debt, paying down that mortgage and saving for retirement, the kids education and the unpredictable emergencies.  It can all be done, but there must be priorities to be financially stable and comfortable for life.

David Chilton also wrote in his new book (1), “learn to say, I can’t afford it. Try it, it’s liberating! We can’t afford everything we want. Accept it.”

“Envy is the art of counting the other fellows blessing instead of our own” Harold Coffin, late AP columnist

Let’s count our unbelievable blessings and be deserving for the right choices we have made along the way.

(1) The Wealthy Barber returns

Wealthy barber