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“In The Future Everyone Will Be Famous For 15 Minutes” -Andy Warhol     TSX Snaps Five Day Losing Streak The Toronto stock market ended its five-day losing streak Friday, rebounding strongly in a session helped by energy and infotech stocks, particularly BlackBerry whose shares surged five per cent after beating expectations on earnings. The… Read More

In my practice, I see retirees concerned about the risk of taking too much out of savings and running out of money.  At the same time, retirees are young and active and want to enjoy life while they can. How do you balance the risk with the need to have a fulfilling retirement? Retirement planners… Read More

Should I Delay CPP ?

September 24, 2014
Terry Broaders

Beginning in 2012, anyone who paid into CPP and reached the age of 60 could choose to begin receiving CPP benefits regardless of employment status. Previously, in order to qualify for retirement benefits one had to cease employment. There are significant financial incentives for delaying CPP.   Under the new rules, the monthly penalty for taking… Read More

The other day, I ran into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in awhile. She began to tell me that she’s been unemployed for nearly two years. Never had she imagined facing such hardship in her middle age. She then apologized for cutting the conversation short. She had to get to an appointment – and not… Read More