I love giving!  It is a great pleasure of mine to buy something, wrap it up and give it to someone I love.  Too often however, I go a little overboard and end up buying more than what I had planned.  Does this feel familiar?

Generosity is a great thing and people will love you for it but will they love you more because you bought them more? I would argue not.

Christmas shopping can be a very stressful time of year but never as stressful as the January credit card bill.  Be smart this year and shop with a list and a maximum budget per person.

As far as my shopping is concerned this year, I did my homework before going shopping.  I made a list of exact items and looked online for the price tag.  I then added 20% as a buffer for a little extra and to ensure I keep within budget.

I will add a big hug and make sure I tell each one how much they mean to me.  That I know will be appreciated.


Xmas giving