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It is that time of year when we all have to do the dreaded tax reporting to Canada Revenue.  It is painful for most of us to gather the receipts, fetch the ones missing, enter everything in the tax software, wonder if you got it right and freek out if you owe money.  A refund is for… Read More

Don’t be. Many of those paid all that stuff with credit. This is the world we live in. Living on credit sooner or later becomes a problem. The millionaire next door usually has a very modest lifestyle and you would never know they have money. Remember to live within your means and be content with… Read More

“Pretend Inferiority and Encourage His Arrogance” -Sun Tzu, philosopher & military strategist   TSX Climbs On Commodity Prices Higher commodity prices propelled the Toronto stock market to a solid gain Friday as both the energy and metals sectors finished in positive territory. The S&P/TSX composite index rose 68.48 points to close at 14,942.41, marking a… Read More

“Truth Is Mighty – Mighty Scarce” -Bob Edwards, Publisher   Energy Sector Hurts The TSX The S&P/TSX composite index fell 39.23 points on Friday to 14,731.49 as the TSX energy sector dropped 0.55% and oil prices declined for a fourth day with the April contract down $2.21 to $44.84 (U.S.). Oil prices dropped Friday after… Read More

If you made a large RRSP contribution, you may be best to defer some of the deduction to a future year. You would want to do this if your tax bracket will be higher in a future year. Look for the carry forward line in your tax software and play with the numbers to see… Read More