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“During An Election The Air Is Full of Speeches – And Vice Versa” -Anonymous   Markets Endure A Rough Week World stock markets tumbled and commodity prices slid on Friday after new data provided further evidence of slowing economic growth in China. Crude oil prices fell again, posting their longest weekly losing streak in nearly… Read More

Setting up a professional corporation can be easy and financially beneficial, but before you decide to incorporate, it helps to consider the pros and cons and make sure that your profession allows it. There are many advantages to being incorporated which I will list below but it may not be needed just yet unless there… Read More

We are writing to advise all annuitants of Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) held with us of changes to the required minimum annual withdrawal amounts as a result of regulations introduced in the Federal Budget released April 21, 2015. Specifically, the budget introduced a reduction to the prescribed required minimum annual withdrawal factors for RRIF… Read More

  “Somewhere, Something Incredible Waits To Be Known” -Carl Sagan   North American Markets Down On Positive Jobs Data Weaker oil prices continued to weigh on the Toronto Stock Exchange Friday and even some stronger showing from the gold miners failed to stop the drop. North American markets closed lower Friday as positive jobs data… Read More