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Have You Paid Yourself Yet?

January 27, 2016
Financial Planning
Frank Mueller

  Bills. We all have them. Mortgage or rent. Cell phone. Internet. Cable. Car loan. The list goes on and on. Bills. They have to be paid, or we lose out on something important to us. Bills. Paying them provides us with the necessities of day-to-day life. Bills. They are seemingly always painful. They are… Read More

  Clients often ask the following question: “Should I use my excess funds to pay down my mortgage, or to contribute to my RRSP?” It’s a great question, and as with most issues in financial planning, there is no definite answer. Paying down the mortgage is the “risk-free” option. If $1,000 is applied towards the… Read More

  The Swiss Army Knife is a tool with one large blade and other multi -purpose functions. Similarly your RRSP is a Financial tool with one large blade; (retirement savings and tax savings) but it too is multi-functional with many other features.  Let’s check out some of the other useful thangs that you can do… Read More

“You Can Go to Jail for “Ideological Deviation” ” -Havana Taxi Driver, who prefers to remain anonymous   TSX, Loonie Rebound on Oil Demand & Potential European Easing The S&P/TSX Composite finished the week up for the first time in 2016, settling at 12,389.58 on the closing bell Friday afternoon, buoyed by a rise in… Read More