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TSX Up More Than 100 Points On Friday

North American stock markets rebounded strongly to close the trading week, with the Toronto stock market posting a triple-digit gain in advance of the Victoria Day holiday weekend. The Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX composite index soared 102.26 points to close at 13,919.58. The index is on track to rise 1.3% for the week, while it has rebounded more than 20% from an almost three-and-a-half-year low in January.
In New York, markets turned higher after big drops Thursday. The Dow Jones industrial average was up 65.54 points at 17,500.94, the broader S&P 500 composite index advanced 12.28 points to 2,052.32 and the Nasdaq composite rose 57.03 points to 4,769.56. The Canadian dollar posted its fourth consecutive loss, however, down 0.11 of a U.S. cent at 76.20 cents US. The July crude contract lost 26 cents to US$48.41 a barrel. Elsewhere in commodities, June natural gas was up 2.3 cents at US$2.06 per mmBtu, the June gold contract fell $1.90 to US$1,252.90 a troy ounce and July copper was little changed at US$2.06 pound.


Canadians Living Longer StatsCan Finds 

Canadians’ life expectancy continues to rise, according to the latest data from Statistics Canada
StatsCan reports that, during the 2010-12 period, life expectancy at birth rose by 0.3 years for males to 79.4 years and by 0.2 years for females, to 83.6 years, compared with the 2009-11 period.
The gap between the life expectancy at birth for males and females is down to its lowest level since the end of the 1970s, StatsCan also notes. Back then, the gender gap was 7.5 years. For the 2010-12 period, it was down to 4.2 years.  The smaller gap “was partly due to a decrease in mortality rates linked to diseases that more frequently affected males in the past,” StatsCan reports. “In addition, women’s adoption of behaviour similar to those of men, such as in the labour market, also contributed to the narrowing of the gap over the previous three decades.”
Life expectancy also continues to rise among those aged 65 in 2010-12. For males that hit age 65 during this period, they could expect to live another 18.7 years, up by 0.1 years from 2009-11; and females could expect to live another 21.7 years, up by 0.2 years compared with the prior period.
By region, life expectancy at birth remains highest in British Columbia, at 80.2 years for males and 84.2 years for females. Conversely, it’s lowest for babies born in Nunavut, where it was just 69.3 years for males and 74.7 years for females.

Canada has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, StatsCan notes. Only Iceland, Israel, Switzerland and Australia have higher life expectancies for males, at 81 years each. For females, Japan (87 years), Spain (86 years), Australia, France, Italy, South Korea and Switzerland (85 years each) have a higher life expectancy..


Weekly Market Wrap Up as of May 20 2016

North America
The TSX closed at 13920, up 171 points or 1.24% over the past week. YTD the TSX is up 7.18%.
The DOW closed at 17501, down -34 points or -0.19% over the past week. YTD the DOW is up 0.44%.
The S&P closed at 2052, up 5 points or 0.24% over the past week. YTD the S&P is up 0.39%.
The Nasdaq closed at 4770, up 52 points or 1.10% over the past week. YTD the Nasdaq is down -4.73%.
Gold closed at 1253, down -14.00 points or -1.73% over the past week. YTD gold is up 18.32%.
Oil closed at 48.46, up 2.27 points or 4.91% over the past week. YTD oil is up 30.80%.
The USD/CAD closed at 1.312101, up 0.0179 points or 1.38% over the past week. YTD the USD/CAD is down -5.17%.


The MSCI closed at 1628, down -22 points or -1.33% over the past week. YTD the MSCI is down -2.10%.
The Euro Stoxx 50 closed at 2962, up 5 points or 0.17% over the past week. YTD the Euro Stoxx 50 is down -9.36%.
The FTSE closed at 6156, up 17 points or 0.28% over the past week. YTD the FTSE is down -1.38%.
The CAC closed at 4354, up 34 points or 0.79% over the past week. YTD the CAC is down -6.10%.
DAX closed at 9916, down -37.00 points or -0.37% over the past week. YTD DAX is down -7.70%.
Nikkei closed at 16736, up 324.00 points or 1.97% over the past week. YTD Nikkei is down -12.07%.
The Shanghai closed at 2826, down -1.0000 points or -0.04% over the past week. YTD the Shanghai is down -20.15%.


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