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“Whoever Is Winning At The Moment Will Always Seem Invincible” -George Orwell Lower Oil Price Hurts TSX The main TSX index closed lower Friday as energy and financials led losses for half of the main sectors while IT and materials were the best performers. Oil prices slipped almost 1.5 per cent in the session but closed… Read More

RRSP is upon us and soon you will get an email from Anthony or Frank asking you whether you plan to make an RRSP contribution this year.  You should make arrangements early even if you don’t want to make the contribution right away simply because we will have more time to figure out what is… Read More

2016 was the year of surprises.  There were a number of unexpected political outcomes throughout the year, namely the “Brexit” vote, Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidential election and OPEC members reaching a deal to reduce oil production. But perhaps the biggest surprise was stock markets themselves.  After the worst 10-day start in history and… Read More

Price Per Unit, Net Invested, Book Value, Market Value, Net Asset Value, and Adjusted Cost Base are some of the terms you may come across on your statement. People commonly struggle at times to understand the different “values” that are listed on their portfolio statements. This terminology confusion makes it very difficult to look at… Read More

An RRSP Urban Myth

January 23, 2017
Weekly Update
Terry Broaders

Did you hear that Canada’s new plastic polymer bills contain a special agent that makes them smell like maple syrup?  That’s a great story but that’s all it is; just a story.  It’s another urban myth just like many myths surrounding RRSPs. One myth we hear often is that RRSPs are a terrible idea because… Read More