Canada and the U.S. are implementing new border rules.  Officials will now track every entry and exit.

Starting June 30, Canada and the U.S. will scan travellers’ passports as they enter and exit the country. Before, the countries only scanned passports upon a traveller’s entry.

If you are a snowbird or frequent border crosser who  is  used to estimating the number of days spent inside the U.S., this could have serious consequences for your tax return. Now officials will be able to check dates for themselves.

Canadians can spend a maximum 183 days in the U.S. before being considered a U.S. resident, and have to pay tax on their global income. Those spending more time down south may also lose their Canadian residency status and have to pay tax as though they had sold all their assets.

Please also note that even if you only spend a few minutes in the US, to gas up for example, this counts as one day.  Therefore, many will have to curtail their too frequent day trips.

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