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You would think that doing income tax returns is just a ‘’punching numbers’’ job?!  Well… definitely not at You First!  We want to make sure you get the most deductions as possible. Everybody in the office will have a look at your file.  Here is the process: 1. Victoria, our receptionist, will take your documents… Read More

Odette in Chatelaine!

April 1, 2009
Financial Planning
Terry Broaders

Attention Chatelaine Magazine Readers !! “Chatelaine Magazine inspires and empowers more than 1.3 million of Canada’s busiest and intellectually curious women to create the lives they want.” Our own Odette Morin is making an appearance in the April 2009 issue of Chatelaine Magazine. Here is a pdf of her Expert Analysis on Page 112. click… Read More

Yes.  You read me well.  Recovery…I am almost afraid to say the word.  If you have been following markets movements these past few days, you are likely pleased but also surprised to see that markets around the globe are sharply up from their lowest lows.  In fact, today March 31 ended the best month for… Read More

If you check your account using our online service, you will notice that there are two figures.  The Market Value and the Book Value.  The market value is the current value of your account using the previous business day market close.  It is the book value that is raising a lot of questions. The confusion… Read More

Home Renovation Tax Credit

March 19, 2009
Terry Broaders

Ok, so what’s this Federal Government Home Renovation Tax Credit all about anyway? Let’s begin by reviewing what is NOT eligible!  New appliances such as big screen TV’s, refrigerators, furniture, throw rugs, appliances, electronics, stereos and tools such as electric saws, drills et cetera are NOT eligible.  Also, routine maintenance repairs such as small paint… Read More