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Mid – Season RRSP Reminders

February 9, 2009
Financial Planning
Terry Broaders

Here are a few basic but important RRSP Reminders for the Season: – The deadline for contributions to be applied against the 2008 tax year is March 2, 2009. – The maximum RRSP contribution limit for 2008 is $20,000. – Clients who reached 71 years of age in 2008 must convert their RRSPs into a… Read More

You will soon receive your Dec 31 statement from the investment companies.  You may experience a Statement Shock!  The numbers are not pretty. Even if you have heard the litany of bad news, it is only when you see your statement that the reality of the steep decline will hit home. Most will have experience… Read More

We have been working hard to find a Socially Responsible Investment manager that we feel comfortable to recommend.  Inhance Mutual funds is one of our favourite. We like their ESG process, management style and feel confident in their investment process.  We are please to report that one of their Canadian Balanced fund, the Inhance Monthly… Read More

Tax Bracket Changes – As of January 1, 2009, the two lowest income tax brackets will be raised 7.5% above 2008 limits to $40,726 and $81,452 respectively. The basic personal amount will also be increased to $10,320 in 2009, up from $9,600 in 2008.  RRSP Home Purchase and Renovation – To encourage home ownership and… Read More

It sure looks like the worst is behind us but really, there is no way to guarantee that.  If turbulent times like these make you nervous and you are just not ready to make an investment yet, here are a few options to consider: · Park your RRSP: You could the “park” the funds in… Read More