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Have you ever thought about incorporating factors such as the environment, human rights and transparent corporate practices into your investments? If so, then responsible investing may be the perfect opportunity to use your money to achieve your financial goals while contributing to a more sustainable world. Socially responsible investing has evolved over the years and… Read More

A recent Supreme court ruling finally confirms that rearranging your debt to benefit from interest deductibility of investment loans is allowed by Canada Revenue. This is a popular tax planning technique by which those who own non-registered investments are advised to liquidate these investments and use the proceeds to pay off their mortgage. The investor… Read More

We are having a special info session and you are invited! We don’t have events very often.  You will not want to miss this one on January 28th at 7pm the Terminal City Club.  By popular demand, our first speaker will be on Socially Responsible Investing or commonly called Ethical & Green investing.  Dermot Foley… Read More

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Happy New Year!

January 7, 2009
Odette Morin

Let’s start by wishing you and your family a healthy and happy 2009 and thanking you for being the best clients planners can have!! Bye Bye 2008, Thank heaven 2009 is a brand new year Terry and I are pleased to come back from a relaxing holiday at the cottage and see a bit of… Read More