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The Toronto stock market has missed an entire trading day because of computer glitches for the first time in its history. The exchange operator will say only that it intends to resume trading tomorrow morning.  “We will be working internally through the night and remain confident all systems will be restored and fully operational for… Read More

Have you made your RESP contribution yet?  Do you need to top it up?  In order to get the maximum annual Grant of $500, you have to contribute $2,500 per child in your RESP account.  We can let you know how much you have contributed this year so far.  Please note that Odette an Terry… Read More

On November 27, 2008, the Federal Government introduce a measure to provide relief to seniors with RRIF who suffer losses due to the market meltdown.  Seniors would get a 25-per-cent reduction in the minimum amount of money they must withdraw from their registered retirement income funds (RRIF) for 2008.  The problem is that it is… Read More

Cash is King, especially nowadays.  There is so much values in stock prices that reports show 2,267 companies around the globe are offering profits to investors for free. That’s eight times as many as at the end of the last bear market, when the shares rose 115 per cent over the next year.  Yes eight… Read More

Even Prophet of Gloom Nouriel Roubini, the blunt-talking professor of economics at New York University likes stocks.  Really?  Roubini, predicts that the US economy will get worse before it gets better but admits that his 401K plan is invested in equities.  “You know, I’m not an active investor. I decided for the long haul I’m… Read More