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What rate of return can you expect and more importantly, what should you factor in your cash flow spreadsheet analysis? It all depends on your asset allocation. The danger is to be too optimistic. The question is not only how much return do you want from your portfolio or how successful will you be with… Read More

You have worked all your life, accumulated a sizeable nest egg and you now feel ready for the next chapter of your life; Retirement. That can be a scary word for many people. That’s understandable. There is no room for error when planning a lifetime of cash flow. That’s where retirement planners like us can… Read More

Yes I know, your friends are doing it, your co-workers all did it, your mom is asking when you too will be buying your first home. I know, you want to own a place too and are sick of paying rent to someone else. But really, did you think about this carefully enough? Are you… Read More

YOU FIRST is blogging!

November 10, 2008
Financial Planning
Odette Morin

YOU FIRST has just entered the 21st century and started a blog. This will be the place for random thoughts about financial planning & Investments as we live it everyday in our practice. Please feel free to ask for specific questions or make comments. The YOU FIRST Financial Planning blog is YOUR blog!