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We hope you all enjoyed your summer. The weather in Vancouver was not always perfect, but a smoke-free August was certainly appreciated! Here is where markets stand for 2019 (year-to-date return as of August 30. Foreign market returns are expressed in Canadian dollar terms): –TSX (Canada): 14.8% –DOW Jones (U.S.): 10.5% –S&P 500 (U.S.): 13.9%… Read More

For many families, September means a return school. It is also a good time to discuss the powerful advantages of the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). For most households, the RESP is the top vehicle available for children’s education savings. Here are the key facts: Annual maximum contribution: $2,500 (or $5,000 if you have carry-forward… Read More

We regularly get questions from clients about the CAD/USD exchange, and recently, the questions have become more frequent. We polled a host of fund companies for their thoughts on where the Loonie is headed. For reference, the CAD / USD traded at $1.3231 or $0.7558 USD / CAD, as of September 5, 2019. The consensus… Read More

“Change is inevitable—except from a vending machine.” —Robert C Gallagher Improvements to Wealthview Secured Portal Beginning this fall, a major Wealthview update will take place that will build upon the original foundation in very helpful, user-friendly ways. Here are some of the highlights: Enhanced Family Linking: you will now be able to consolidate all family assets,… Read More

“I’m amazed how little politicians seem to have learned from history. Nobody is benefiting from a trade war” – Carlos Moedas Trump Tweetstorm – Following New Chinese Tariffs on Imported US Goods – Pushes Markets Lower to End Week Investors flocked to safe-haven assets on Friday following President Trump’s tweetstorm in response to the Chinese… Read More