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What happened this week? Wage subsidy rules amended – March revenue decrease threshold will be only 15%. 4 million Canadians on federal income support since March 15 (combination of EI and CERB applications as of April 7) Alberta government forecasting 25% unemployment rate for the province Prime Minister Trudeau “this will be the new normal… Read More

One of the provisions in the federal government’s aid package is a 25% reduction in the minimum amount (MAP) that must be withdrawn from a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) in 2020.  This is welcome relief for retirees who may have seen a decline in the value of their RRIFs since December 31, 2019, which… Read More

The Globe & Mail published a timely article yesterday about the potential deductions available for employees who have shifted to working from home due to COVID-19. Our interpretation is consistent with the article.  You should be able to deduct a prorated amount of your home office costs as an employment expense.  The costs will differ… Read More

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke this morning and unveiled the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).  The CERB will amalgamate the two previously announced benefits: Emergency Support and Emergency Care Benefit.  This program is meant to provide an EI-like income for those who don’t normally qualify for EI.  Those able to apply for the CERB are… Read More