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“In the old legend the wise men finally boiled down the history of mortal affairs into a single phrase: ‘This too will pass’” – Benjamin Graham   The Stock Market Pulls Back This week, markets pulled back in a noticeable way. The S&P/TSX Composite Index finished down 3.3%; the S&P 500 was down 3.9%; the… Read More

“Nothing in fine print is ever good news” – Andy Rooney Weekly Update – A Warning To Home Buyers You may have read about a July 31st ruling upheld by the Tax Court of Canada regarding Section 116 of our tax law. This specific section requires the purchaser of real estate to withhold 25 per cent… Read More

This story does not fall under typical financial planning news (perhaps a desperate form of retirement planning?), but we felt the need to share. For those familiar with the McDonald’s Monopoly game, this article documents how the game was rigged throughout the 90’s and why there were no winners in Canada during this time. Jeremy… Read More

We updated the You First website with a new design. Hopefully, you will find it more resourceful and user-friendly. There will be a second phase of website changes by the end of the year. In the meantime, please explore and let us know what you think! What’s new -Modernized layout (navigation tab at the top)… Read More

In 2012, new rules were introduced that allowed Canadians to apply for CPP benefits as early as age 60 at a reduced rate, or as late as 70 at an increased rate. This was meant to address Canada’s evolving landscape of retirement, with some Canadians retiring before age 65 while others are working past it…. Read More