A recent survey conducted by TD asset management found that Canadian investors were increasingly optimistic about equities.

According to the survey, 90% of the respondents who plan on investing in mutual funds over the next year plan on investing in growth-oriented mutual funds (balanced 42%, equity
27% and dividend funds 21%).

When asked if investors have changed their risk tolerance compared to one year ago, 78% indicated they are taking on the same amount of risk or more. Only 22% saying they have shifted to a lower risk tolerance. Of those investors, 30% are either retired or close to retiring.

According to the survey, 73% of investors have equity as part of their retirement plan either through equity or balanced funds.

The survey respondents’ biggest reasons for investing in mutual funds were diversification (40%), safer investment option (27%) and professional management (19%).

-The TSX closed at 13518, down -2.03% over the past week.
–The DOW closed at 12151, down -2.34% over the past week.
-The S&P closed at 1300, down -2.33% over the past week.
-The Nasdaq closed at 2733, down-2.29% over the past week.
-Gold closed at 1543, up 0.46% over the past week.
-Oil closed at 100.57, down -0.13% over the past week.
-The CAD/USD closed at 1.0219, down –0.12% over the past week

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