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“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is a freedom” – Marilyn Ferguson U.S. Fed, Bank of Canada Announce “Emergency” Rate Cuts of 50 Basis-Points It was an up-and-down, volatile week in North American markets on the heels of last week’s steep declines. Markets rallied on Monday on the prospect of… Read More

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes” – Unknown In February 2018, we sent out our weekly brief after a week where the DOW experienced two 1000-point drops (the first ever time the DOW had fallen over 1000 points). Two years later, we find ourselves in a similar situation. Before reading about this week’s events, I… Read More

What Happened on Monday and Tuesday? The acceleration of new coronavirus cases outside China over the weekend raised investors’ concerns over its potential ability to damage global growth. On Monday, the DOW fell over 1,000 points yesterday as U.S. equities suffered their worst daily drop in two years, finishing down 3.4% on the day. Emerging… Read More

“Voters want conflicting things. They want a lot of government spending, but they don’t want higher taxes” – Bruce Rauner   BC Provincial Budget Announced This week, the BC NDP government presented its 2020 Budget. Overall, the Budget calls for surpluses in 2019/20 ($203 Million), 2020/21 ($227 Million), 2021/22 ($179 Million) and 2022/23 ($374 Million)…. Read More

The last decade was very rewarding for investors and at almost 11 years, we are still in the midst of the longest U.S. bull market ever. However, most major economies are exhibiting late-cycle signs and are posting lower GDP growth. This stage precedes a recession and is typically characterized by economic activity that is still positive but slowing. Interest… Read More

Welcome to a new year and a new decade!  Before we begin, we would like to extend our sincere wishes for a happy new year to you and your family. We would also like to thank to you for your continued trust in us and for the opportunity to assist you in working toward your financial goals. Should you have any questions about your… Read More