Fee-Based & Fee-only Financial Services

Fee-Based & Fee-only Financial Services

High-net worth individuals may be better served by a Fee-Based or Fee-Only service model. We are Vancouver Fee-based and Fee-Only Financial Planners since 1992 and can help you evaluate your financial & Investment planning options.

Whether you want to accumulate or preserve your wealth, we can help. We are passionate about our holistic approach to wealth management. Through our comprehensive financial planning & portfolio management process, we will provide clarity and peace of mind, so you can be free to enjoy life.

We provide retirement planning including cash flow analysis, planning & monitoring, investment allocation and selection, in-depth tax planning and Canadian & USA tax return as part of our holistic financial planning.

You can pay on a Fee-only service basis at the cost of $250 per hour or on an annual fee ranging from $2500 to $6000 per year.
on a Fee-Based basis at the rate of 0.75% to 1% depending on the level of assets.

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