How much does it cost?

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“Odette talked to us about investing, retirement planning, insurance, taxation and our wills. She takes an all-encompassing, holistic view. We feel more secure now that we’re looking at everything as a whole.”

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How much does it cost?

For clients that invest with us, the financial planning cost is typically free. So you can call anytime for advice, to ask questions about any financial events on your mind or to reassess your financial plan – we’re totally available to you. No nickel and diming.

For those with LESS than $250,000 of Invested assets:

Option #1:
You pay no fees or commissions up front but will be charged an early redemption charge.

The fund companies charge a fee if you redeem your investment within 3 years. We’ll help you understand the specific rules for the funds you select, and you can always refer to the prospectus from each fund company. This is only suitable for long-term investments.

Option #2:
You pay a 1% mutual fund commission up front.

You pay an up-front commission on each dollar you invest. In this case, there are no penalties on the withdrawals.

Please note that we do NOT charge any up-front or early redemption charges on TFSA or any short-term savings accounts.

For those with MORE than $250,000 of invested assets:

Fee-based: ranging from 0.50% to 1% of assets under management depending on the invested asset amount.
Fee-only: on an hourly fee basis at the rate of $250 / hour or an annual all inclusive fee ranging from $2500 to $6000 / year.

Our Letter of Engagement will be given to you when you book your first appointment. This document outline what you can expect from us and all the fee options in more details.

You can also read our info kit on investment fees: YF About Investment Fees

You can also read the FundEX information piece on Understanding Mutual Funds costs in English and French

The above fee structure is fairly standard for full service financial planners. Our fee-based structure tend to be more competitive and our service much more inclusive.

All fees are disclosed, transparent and discussed ahead of making the investment.

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